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WWE Super Showdown: 7 Last Minute Rumours You Need To Know

WWE Super ShowDown

In June of last year I wrote the following about Super ShowDown...

WWE’s latest event to emanate from the nation of Saudi Arabia, promises to be as big as WrestleMania itself. That sounds like a ridiculous claim but if you actually look at the money involved in these events they are definitely comparable, and you can guarantee that’s what WWE are measuring it by.

Fast forward to the 2020 vintage of the event and it seems scarcely possible that was ever true. Sure, the stage will look nice, but the scale of the card and the importance of the event have diminished exponentially.

The card is a hot mess, because of course it is. We’ve two weirdly cobbled together world title matches, a steel cage for the never ending Reigns/Corbin feud, and a six-man gauntlet tournament that might even feature The Undertaker for some reason. Still though, no Shane this time.

As ever though, with so much unadulterated desert banter flying around the usual suspects have offered us a veritable sandstorm of juicy Internet gossip and speculation. Returns, shocks, title changes, you’ve watched this show before, I presume so you know exactly what’s coming.